Sales Training And Strategy

Sales is the Life Blood of any Organization

A successful Sales Organization is literally the heart of a company.  It stands to reason that organizations with dysfunctional sales strategies are suffering from life-threatening heart disease.

I’ve been a seller – and student of sales – since I was in college. Early on in my career, I became fascinated with the complexities of the sales process – the human dynamics, the psychology, the process, the art and the science of a successful sale.

I was incredibly fortunate to have worked for some of the best sales people in the world, and thrown into the fire, so to speak, from an early age.

I’ve worked in the Marketing Services and Marketing Technology space for over 25 years, and have sold a half a billion dollars in services to the most prestigious companies and brands including Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Astra Zeneca, Amex, Bank of America, Citi, L’Oreal, LVMH, P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and General Motors.

My passion for teaching and coaching led me to develop a Sales Training Platform and Methodology that is being used by some of the top media companies in the world. 

I deliver this program to Sales Teams, Sales Managers and CROs to help them create simple, unified sales strategies that work.

I am a frequent speaker at industry events and Corporate Sales Meetings and Conferences.