Warren Zenna


I possess a unique ability to solve complex individual and organizational communication problems.

My approach is predicated on the idea that dysfunctional communication dynamics are at the root of most organizational challenges.

Business Coaching

I provide a range of coaching services for individuals and teams.

Sales Training And Strategy

A successful Sales Organization is literally the heart of a company. It stands to reason that organizations with dysfunctional sales strategies are suffering from life-threatening heart disease.

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I have had the privilege of helping many professionals accomplish their goals.
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My approach is predicated on the idea that dysfunctional communication dynamics are at the root of most organizational challenges.

Communication issues are like viruses for businesses. Over time, they kill companies – stealthily. Virtually every single failed business can tie their downfall squarely on some type of communication problem. 

Hence, functional communication skills are the most profoundly important component of any successful organization. My coaching approach focuses squarely on the underlying behaviors, habits and core beliefs that form one’s communication aptitudes.

The focus of my work is in three areas:

  • Culture Dynamics and Leadership Development
  • Sales Training and Sales Strategy
  • People Management Skills and Development 

Some Background On Me…

In 1996, after a successful stint of about four years in the Marketing and Advertising industry (working primarily in sales) I started providing Business Coaching and Sales Training services to small businesses.  This was driven by my deep passion for understanding human behavior dynamics and what drives people to change.  What fueled my business was a desire to understand what makes certain people more successful than others, and how identifying simple changes in key behaviors and implementing them can profoundly alter career paths and generate success. This is of profound interest to me.

Building on my experience in working with senior marketing executives on developing marketing strategies, I began to focus on CEO’s, executives and owners of medium-sized businesses to help them help define and break down behavioral, aptitudinal, competence-related and in some cases, emotional barriers that stood in the way of their success.

In 1997, me and two other business consultants, started our own company, called BusinessWorks. We focused mostly on small, independently owned businesses in the NY Metro area and offered coaching and consulting services to help them grow and build their enterprises. Our approach was based on the premise that most small businesses are started by one or two people who have a competence in a specific skill or have developed a certain product – but in all cases, despite this expertise, they have little to no expertise in running a business. Running a business is extremely difficult.  It exposes one’s personal limitations and barriers.  From my subsequent experiences with dozens of clients, I saw that the primary issues that most of these individuals faced were consistent across the board, and that all of them required the ability to recognize very simple, identifiable behaviors that were impeding their success – and a strong commitment to change them. Getting seasoned professionals to adopt new behaviors is challenging — and I came to see that I had a proficiency at getting results in this area.

Since then, I’ve worked with 100s of business executives and leaders across multiple industries.  I also draw on my own experience in the business arena – having worked for over 20 years as an executive the marketing and adverting industry facing the same exact challenges that my clients face everyday.  My interactions with CMOs and Executives at Fortune 500 brands (P&G, Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, General Motors among them) afforded me a real-world application of coaching and sales development that I bring to bear on my consulting and coaching engagements.

I am a frequent speaker and content contributor focused on both Marketing and Sales Training / Sales strategies and Digital Marketing trends.