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Bad Album

I was listening to the radio on a road trip yesterday, tooling through the local stations when I came across “Graceland”. I hate this album. And while listening I starting thinking that I don’t think anyone likes it. Not really. Everyone gushes over it – but no one really listens to it. It falls into the category of one of those pretentious recordings by a beloved, over-the- hill, musical treasure that everyone is supposed to like – because “it’s freaking Paul Simon for chrisakes” (his stuff from the late 60s and 70s is great for sure). But this album is completely lame – and hard to listen to. I got to thinking that there alot of these albums floating around out there. Shitty recordings by once great artists that receive wonderful reviews – but in fact totally suck. Dylan cranked out a boatload of these for a while. So did Billy Joel, and Elton John. Graceland takes the cake for me, though. Every time I hear it, I think of that God-awful video that came out with it. Those cheesy african dudes that he roped in to back him up seem so contrived and selected for effect (Paul Simon, world ambassador) and that sound he put together is frankly annoying. Worse, a bloated, graying Chevy Chase is too pathetic to watch. It’s like Simon took pity on him and dragged the oafish mediocre has-been out of the storage hangar just to preen around in a cheap suit (more like a golfing outfit) for no reason. And that awful syncopated horn section drones on and on and on. You would think by reading the reviews in the music trades that the album was the next Sgt Pepper. Please. It’s a totally lame album. Admit it.