Thank you, Mom.

thanks mom

My mother turns 80 this year, and also celebrates 60 years of marriage to my father (now 83). They are the classic example of commitment, devotion, dedication and traditional values that seem lost and even maligned today by many – particularity our education institutions.

My mother is the epitome of grace and class and was in many ways ahead of her time. She started one of the first nail salons in the metro NY area in the late 70s when the idea of a place for women to get their nails done was not considered a no-brainer. She started the business in our basement and it soon grew big enough to warrant the need for a space in our town. Her store quickly became the social center of our town in New City NY offering extended spa services and retail sales. She had dozens of employees and the place was packed from 10am until 6pm 7 days a week. She sold the business to her friends in the late 80s made a killing. She then became the top residential real estate salesperson in New City. She did all of this while raising three boys who got into trouble, ate twice their weight in junk food and listened to loud Zeppelin music at 2am. Over the last 30 years she’s been the leader of numerous non profit organizations, a community activist and local champion for social and political issues. She never spoke or complained once about “life balance” or “how to make it all work”.  She never expressed (nor experienced) any challenges about inequality or unfairness. She just did what she dreamed and kicked ass at everything while being an amazing mom and wife to my awesome dad. They still hold hands when they walk together and make fun of one another. I’m the luckiest son on earth. Thanks mom, for being an example to the world.

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