RIP RIM (??)

blackberry-dead (1)I am an ardent blackberry fan, and I clutched on to my Blackberry Bold 9000 until my knuckles were white – sheerly out of love for the reliability and rock-solid performance of the darn thing.   Then my work required that I get an iPhone, so for a while, I was one of those two-fisted mobile nuts walking around with a pair of guns on my side.  One was my reliable RIM six-shooter, and the other, the nerdy, metro Glock 4.   After a while I had to admit that despite its long list of shortcomings, my iPhone simply provided me with more functions and features.  So, I tossed my BB on my night table.   It still sits there, sheepishly looking at me when I go to bed and wake up.  We glance at each other and visions of our past relationship flash before my eyes like a shitty chick flick.  But its just not as practical anymore.  I am angry at Bassile and Lazaridis for caring more about their egos than paying attention to market.  Now look.  RIM is a relic.  I truly hope there is the perfect Frankenphone out there on the mobile horizon: a BB 4S Droid 9000.  But until then, I’ll commiserate with Siri.

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