Who leaves voice mail anymore? Please don’t

I was looking over some emails today when a colleague of mine txt’d me to tell me that she had 56 unheard voicemails in her box.   We both laughed ( or lol’d) about this as we agreed that she was likely not going to listen to any of them anyway.   So we both started thinking:  who the hell left these in the first place?  Who really expects anyone to listen to these – let alone respond to them.   At this point, in our industry, if a message is not sent to me via email or text, it’s not a message.  it’s like a fax.   Wow. I don’t know the last time I actually sent a fax.  I certainly don’t recall the last time I received one either.   Heck, I don’t even know where the fax machine is in my office.  If someone told me I had a fax, I’d likely think it’s either a joke, or one of those office cleaning guys who pilfered some list.   I installed PhoneTag , on my Blackberry well over two years ago, so really any one that actually DOES leave me a voicemail gets to me via txt message anyway.  Recently, I put Google Voice on my Blackberry, so all of my voice mails are now in my inbox as text and are fully searchable by either my Gmail account or my Vista search client.  But I don’t actually listen to them. Ever.  I operate under the assumption that most, if not all, of the people that I am trying to reach don’t listen to them either.   You should too.   Let’s all together do away with this silly antiquated form of messaging.  Don’t leave voice mails, and most importantly, don’t listen to any either.  Eventually the industry will catch up and do away with this useless medium.

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